Businesses in CityCenter Danbury

Accountants/Tax Services      
Allingham, Kosar & Co.24 Delay Street797-9607
Brian C. White1 Ives Street, Suite 201748-6517
Jackson Hewitt183 Main Street778-4829
Professional Bookkeeping of CT 241 Main Street,Suite 2 792-7700
Seneca Business Services, LLC240 Main Street, 2nd Fl.730-8520
York Accounting & Financial Services13 West Street748-2897
Impulse Media 248 Main Street, 2nd Floor  
Media Associates 1 Ives Street 797-9500 ext 201
Penn Gardner Inc.7 National Place778-3944
Plaid, Inc.155 Main Street207-3254
Arenas/Sports and Fitness      
Danbury Arena 1 Independence Way 794-1704
Danbury Y.M.C.A.12 Boughton Street744-1000
Snap Fitness 261 Main Streeet 203 885-1029
The Danbury WesternersP.O. BOX 3828Danbury 06813797-0897
Leigh Douglas Overland 235 Main St., Suite 104794-9001
Baker Law Firm 24 Delay Street792-8765
Law Office of Cynthia Exner 270 Main Street830-4045
Hoekenga & Machado193 Main Street792-3300
Jerry Leaphart & Associates8 West Street825-6265
Jones, Damia, Kaufman, Borofsky & DePaul301 Main Street744-1313
Mulvey & Korotash 31 West Street792-5900
Steve Panos, Attorney at Law1 Ives Street730-2095
Ventura, Ribeiro & Smith235 Main Street791-9040
Vicki Hutchinson270 Main Street778-2797
Auto Parts/Repair & Service      
A-1 Service Center33 Rose Street792-6954
Advanced Auto Parts301 Main Street730-6626
Archie's Auto Center351 Main Street (rear)748-6214
Autozone336 Main Street739-0376
Burt Humphrey & Sons348 Main Street743-6150
Firestone Tire Service 9 Railroad Place748-3576
Friendly Auto Service (Citgo)351 Main Street 792-2698
Midas Auto Care350 Main Street743-6364
Villa's Auto RepairKeeler Street791-2175
La Ricura Bakery & Pastry 4 Liberty Street 207-9901
Padaria Minas217 Main Street797-9534
Pao Gostoso/Delicious Bread Bakery 35 White Street 885-1025
Banks & Finance      
Bank of America343 Main Street800-841-4000
Espirito Santo e Comercial De Lisboa194 Main Street798-8133
Savings Bank of Danbury 220 Main Street743-3849
Savings Bank of Danbury 35 West Street830-4390
Sikorsky Financial Credit Union345 Main Street743-3891
Union Savings Bank226 Main Street830-4200
Union Savings Bank225 Main Street 830-4800
Union Savings Bank158 Main Street830-6935
United Check CashingWhite Street Plaza798-0867
Wachovia Bank210 Main Street790-6095
Webster Bank2 National Place730-6366
Webster Bank301 Main Street792-7028
Beauty Supplies/Care      
Antonia's Beauty192 Main Street778-2104
Christiania's Beauty Salon20 Elms Street791-2282
Danbury Beauty Supply24 White Street748-8031
De Castro Salon 240 Main Street 739-0178
Designer's Touch24 White Street790-7022
Downtown Cut Connection50 White Street743-7169
Elizabeth's Hair Design76 White Street798-1334
Glamorous Touch46 White Street791-2409
Joy Nails301 Main Street792-7681
Leid's Hair Design300 Main Street743-4431
Lobo's Hair Design3 Keeler Street205-0235
Nails #16 White Street730-2227
Samantha's3 White Street743-0071
Scissorhands 2153 Main Street791-1920
The Professional Cut16 West Street743-1961
Business/Economic Development      
CityCenter Danbury186 Main Street792-1711
Danbury Office of Economic Development155 Deer Hill Avenue796-1649
Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce 39 West Street743-5565
Housing Development Fund8 West Street 798-6527
Cellular Communications/Computers      
PC Warehouse 35 White Street 798-1668
Rina's Electronics 4 Liberty Street 203 885-1099
Bem Bonita Brazilian Fashions246 Main Street778-2181
Brasil Favo De Mel137 Main Street790-0762
Caridad Thrift Shop 203 Main Street 791-0548
Deloren 147 Main Street 743-5018
Eliza's Store165 Main Street798-7231
Iovino Brothers (screen printing)20 Crosby Street790-5966
Majesty181 Main Street730-1784
New England Uniform356 Main Street792-5256
Upscale Downtown 262 Main Street730-0005
Dance/Music/Arts & Entertainment     
A Common Ground346 Main Street791-9850
Arthur Murray Dance Studio 345 Main Street792-0176
Danbury Music Center256 Main Street748-1716
Escape To The Arts 293 Main Street794-1413
Heirloom Arts Theater 155 Main Street 796-0000    
O Som Do Brasil149-151 Main Street798-0827
Westport-Fairfield Piano345 Main Street778-1234
Educational Institutions     
Education Connection 345 Main Street791-1904
Literacy Volunteers248 Main Street792-8260
Naugatuck Valley Community College12 Crosby Street596-8620
Western Connecticut State University 181 White Street 837-8200
Wizard English Language School 196 Main Street 743-3800
European's Furniture & Gifts213 Main Street797-0761
Fraternal / Cultural     
Ancient Order of HiberniansPO Box 34Danbury06813748-7701
Centro Civico Equatoriano 20 West Street 790-1810
Concordia Society6 Crosby Street744-6934
Elks Club346 Main Street791-0919
Lebanon-American Club22 West Street743-5828
Masonic Temple337 Main Street748-9691
Polish American Citizen's Club8 Ives Street748-9938
Government & Government Affiliated     
Alternative Incarceration Center143 Main Street790-1436
Bardo Parking Garage Library Place 
Connecticut Department of Social Services342 Main Street207-8900
Connecticut, Adult Probation319 Main Street797-4414
Danbury Cultural Commission256 Main Street797-4508
Danbury Democratic Committee 161 Main Street778-3661
Danbury Department of Veteran's Affairs198 Main Street797-4620
Danbury Housing Authority--Ives Manor198 Main Street797-0301
Danbury Library 170 Main Street797-4505
Danbury Parking Authority 21 Delay Street748-6423
Danbury Police Department120 Main Street797-4611
Danbury Welfare & Social Services256 Main Street797-4569
Post Office265 Main Street792-5200
Terrence E. McNally Patriot Garage 21 Delay Street748-6423
Atlantic Market135 Main Street830-3068
LaChicanta Grocery301 Main Street794-1145
Omaha Beef Company9 Maple Avenue748-2651
Health / Human & Social Services     
Aids Project of Greater Danbury 30 West Street 778-2437   
Americares Free Clinic198 Main Street748-6188
Art of Healing Therapy7 National Place648-7531
Association of Religious Communities 325 Main Street792-9450
At-Home Health Care190 Main Street748-0103
AWA Medical Supplies272 Main Street791-9383
Catholic Charities of Fairfield Cty 30 Main Street 743-4412
Center For Occupational Therapy235 Main Street730-5900
Community Health Center of Danbury 8 Delay Street 797-8330
Connecticut Nursing Services4 Liberty Place730-2739
Conrad Kasak Guild Opticians16 West Street743-3826
Consumer Credit Counseling Service39 Rose Street791-7262
Danbury Children First83 West Street797-8088
Danbury Medical Group132 Main Street794-1979
Danbury Regional Child Advocacy Center268 Main Street748-4542
Danbury Rehabilitation Center235 Main Street730-5900
Danbury Welfare & Social Services256 Main Street797-4569
Family & Children's Aid75 West Street748-5689
Families Network5 Library Place791-8773
Good Friend185 Main Street790-0032
Hanahoe Memorial Children's Clinic205 Main Street748-6471
Main Street Chiropractic 191 Main Street 748-4800
Main Street Dental209 Main Street730-2917
Mental Health Association of Connecticut345 Main Street796-2853
Salvation Army Thrift Store129 Main Street792-9799
Suzanne A. Knox, D.D.S.12 Chapel Place794-0464
TBICO39 Rose Street743-6695
United Way of Northern Fairfield County85 West Street792-5330
Visiting Nurse Association of Danbury 4 Liberty Street792-4120
WeCAHR211 Main Street792-3540
Women's Center of Greater Danbury 2 West Street731-5200
Allstate Insurance48 White Street791-8444
Davis & Hoyt 31 West Street744-4433
Hannah insurance23 Keeler Street743-6331
Hodge Insurance283 Main Street792-2323
Mirante Seguros272 Main Street778-9676
Santos Insurance264 Main Street778-4555
International/Immigrant Services          
Barbara Leite 155 Main Street 744-8899      
Conexao/ABC English 155 Main Street #201 205-0492      
G&A Enterprises 5 Keeler Street 743-1676      
Global Latin Services 14 West Street 778-8833      
Interpoint 296 Main Street 798-1929      
Seneca Business Systems 210 Main Street, @nd floor 730-8520      
Cappiello's Jewelers 301 Main Street 743-3178    
Faltom Jewelers 207 Main Street 743-6287
Florencia Jewelry 11 West Street 730-4070
Media Outlets     
Communidade155 Main Street748-0123
The News-Times333 Main Street744-5100
Tribuna Connecticut8 West Street730-0457
WDAQ FM 198 Main Street744-4800
WLAD AM 198 Main Street744-4800
Fairfield Processing Corporation88 Rose Hill Avenue744-2090
Kohler Ronan, LLC Consulting Engineers301 Main Street778-1017
Skillfaith International155 Main Street791-8575
Danbury Railway Museum 120 White Street778-8337
Danbury Scott-Fanton Museum & Historical Society 43 Main Street743-5200
Military Museum of Southern New England125 Park Avenue790-9277
Tarrywile Park70 Southern Blvd744-3130
Places Of Worship     
All Nations Baptist Church 234 Main Street 790-1778
Brazilian Assembly of God155 Main Street743-6709
Christian Community Church240 Main Street798-0113
Christian Science Reading Room274 Main Street748-8331
First Portuguese Speaking Baptist Church234 Main Street790-1778
Gospel Light Baptist Church155 Main Street740-0827
Iglesias Cristo LaRoca Mission46 Elm Street743-7221
Igreja International Maanaim 30 Elm Street739-2134
New Bethel Church of Christ In God26 Liberty Street744-1258
Saint James Episcopal Church25 West Street748-3561
Retail Stores     
Bianco's Boot & Shoe Repair16 White Street744-5416
Butera-Gallo Package Store7 Rose Street748-4036
Charles F. NeJame Pool258 Main Street743-1234
Chris Durante Framing Studio9 Library Place748-6301
Danbury Liquor18 White Street743-3121
Daniel Kemp Photography241 Main Street748-3958
IC Video & Music32 White Street798-1207
Leahy Fuel Oil 130 White Street748-3535
M&M Tickets44 Liberty Street743-0540
Meeker's Hardware86-90 White Street748-8017
Music Guild276 Main Street792-6760
New England Uniform Company, LLC356 Main Street792-5256
P.C. Warehouse35 White Street798-1668
RAC Rental Center301 Main Street798-2133
Salvation Army Thrift Store129 Main Street792-9799
Sol Woodworking 4 Liberty Street 203 648-7934
Vacuum Mart9 Keeler Street748-1004
Yankee Peddler and Pawn139 Main Street792-PAWN
Rentals/Real Estate/Property Management     
Casa Latino 221 Main Street 203 648-8667
DaSilva Real Estate288 Main Street748-9112
Goodfellow Companies2A Ives Street744-7025
Mirante Agency272 Main Street778-9676
Nolan Enterprises 323 Main Street797-8255
R. J. Enterprises2 Ives Street790-8083
Real Estate by Teresa244 White Street790-1200
REI Property & Asset Management2A Ives Street744-8400
Ryer Associates103 Mill Plain RoadDanbury06811797-0200
Restaurants / Entertainment     
Alley Way Diner14 Ives Street743-0447
Billy Bean's Café & Pub80 White Street744-2326
Brasilian Point 18 Ives Street 791-8717
Brazilis Restaurant 58 Main Street791-2208
Casa Nova Restaurant & Churrascaria 141 Main Street797-1922
City Ale House253 Main Street790-4287
Copacabana Café12 Ives Street743-9866
Cousin Larry's Café & Sports Bar 1 Elm Street 730-0035
Crystal Cave 101 Railroad Place 730-8995
Dunkin Donuts101 White Street743-1305
El Rancho Mexican Restaurant20 White Street730-9470
El Sabor Ecuatoriano101 Railroad Place748-1020
Empire of the Incas241 Main Street744-4622
Hat City Pizzeria34 White Street 778-5637
Galapagos Restaurant 20 Ives Street 798-2045
Good Taste Chinese Restaurant 247 Main Street 798-8978
K & N Grille5 White Street778-4528
Kennedy Fried Chicken 299 Main Street 744-1040
Los Andes Restaurant281 Main Street790-5439
Mitad del Mundo7 West Street744-5499
Nico's Pizza & Pasta175 Main Street792-6426
Padaria Minas217 Main Street797-9534
Sabrosura Sports Bar & Restaurant 280 Main Street 798-8033
Subway 317 Main Street 748-4000
Tropical Ices & Coffee Shop 42 Elm Street 743-0349
Tuscano 275 Main Street 743-0004
Tuxedo Junction 2 Ives Street 748-2561
Two Steps Downtown Grille 5 Ives Street 794-0032
Charles Scwab & Company 225 Main Street 743-7200
Securities Research 287 Main Street 798-8844
Graphica258 Main Street748-0711
LS Graphics240 Main Street744-4195
Cerveira Tailor290 Main Street792-3525
Rebello's Tailors139 Main Street744-5599
Tomanio's Tailors9 West Street748-2437
Bonanza Bus48 Elm Street748-1353
Danbury Bus Terminal 48 Elm Street748-1353
HART62 Federal Road744-4070
Metro-North RR1 Patriot Drive 
HART Pulse Point Ticket WindowMain St & Kennedy Ave 
Atlantic Travel135 Main Street830-3068
BACC Travel268 Main Street778-4223
Danbury Bus Ticket Agent 48 Elm Street 748-1353
Dila's Travel240 Main Street749-0810
Holton TravelWhite Street Plaza792-4460
Interpoint/ Fastway Moving296 Main Street78-1929
One-Stop Travel145 Main Street798-6858
Rapido Envios44 Elm Street778-0000
Relvas Travel Center194 Main Street796-9900
Valentin Travel Bureau24 Elm Street205-0276
Vania's Travel240 Main Street797-8525
Variety Stores     
Charles One-Stop159 Main Street797-9005
Danbury Dollar & Gift249 Main Street798-8158
Dollar Max301 Main Street748-6090
Ed's Cigar Shop279 Main Street748-5718
Family Dollar199 Main Street798-2450
Michael's One-Stop143 Main Street730-6688
Nasso Brazil285 Main Street730-6620
Sandra173 Main Street743-7865